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Union International Student Program


We hope this will be a memorable experience not only to learn about people and cultures from other parts of the world, but also to gain greater insight into your own skills, strengths, and aspirations. International experience, cross-communication proficiency, global awareness and foreign language skills are of growing importance in all areas of work and study. We are looking forward to seeing your student and helping them achieve a rich educational experience at Union School Corporation.

NOTICE: International students may enroll in a public education institution for a maximum of one academic school year in grades 9 -12 only. (Section 623 Public Law 104-208)

New/Transferring Students
Thank you for your interest in Union School Corporation. Below is the outline of the application and enrollment process for the International Student Program.

1. Download Application (click here for application)
2. Complete application and submit to Union School Corporation with required documents and application fee.
3. Letter of Acceptance will be issued.
4. Tuition payment submitted.
5. Form I-20 issued and forwarded per delivery instructions.
6. Enrollment into Union School corporation.

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