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Union School Corporation


Fun Food Facts and Tips

Making Celebrations Fun, Healthy, and Active

Eating healthy and being physically active can be a fun part of parties and events. Great gatherings are easy to do when tasty, healthy foods from all the food groups are offered in a fun, active environment. Above all, focus on enjoying friends and family. Click for 10 tips to creating healthy, active events.

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    Cafe Staff

    Kelli Bush, Director
    Jessica Hisel, Assistant Director
    Melissa Phillips, Manager
    Amy Brooks, Food Service Employee
    Samantha Morris, Food Service Employee

    Contact Us

    Union School Corporation
    8707 W US Hwy 36
    Modoc, Indiana 47358

    p: 765-853-5464
    f: 765-853-5070

    Monday - Friday
    6:30 am - 2:30 pm

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