Union School Corporation

High Ability Program

NOVA - Nurturing Opportunities for Visionary Abilities

Mission Statement

The Union School Corporation believes students who are intellectually, creatively, and artistically gifted demand experiences different from their peers. The mission of our entire staff is to provide for these students an educational environment that offers challenging academic, social, and cultural opportunities necessary to adjust to and contribute to today‚Äôs global community. 

Through our program, USC staff shall provide additional opportunities to those students in k-12 who demonstrate unique intelligence, creativity and leadership capabilities. We shall provide a rigorous curriculum anchored by math and language arts that will continue to motivate, challenge and stimulate their talents to enrich their development as independent/self-directed learners. USC will provide and environment to encourage the continued development and strengthening of these special abilities.

USC curriculum will foster self-worth, confidence and pride by developing problem solving skills and strategies, accepting responsibilities and challenges, and working in harmony with others throughout their lifetime. Our mission will require a partnership between the USC school system and our community.