Union School Corporation

Pre-K - Melanie Walker

Little Rockets Preschool

Welcome to Mrs. Walker's Preschool Class
Students will be learning many exciting concepts this year preparing them for kindergarten and lifetime of learning.  Along with academics, social skills are a main focus.  Students learn through hands-on activities and play.  A big part of our day is spent in learning centers that cover gross and fine motor skills, math concepts, language arts, science, and engineering and logic skills.   Calendar, weather, and music are worked on daily in circle time.  Similar to state standards, the State of Indiana sets foundations for preschool.  It is my goal to at least hit on each foundation by the end of the year, covering a wide range of academic, social, and emotional skills.
Our weekly schedule includes science experiments on Monday, visiting the school library on Wednesday, and an art project on Friday.   
Our classroom rules are simple and follow along with learning social skills:
-Eyes and ears on the teacher when she is talking and on the speaker in circle time
- Hands to yourself and your own belongings
- Walking feet in school
The best way to contact me, Mrs. Walker, is by speaking to me when you drop off or pick up your student.  Other times, please use my e-mail at [email protected], but please note that I don't usually check e-mail during class hours.
Mrs. Walker's Bio
I have worked in education for the last nine years, teaching all elementary grades pre-k through 6th, except grade 2.  I completed my student teaching here at Union and worked in the Guidance Office.  I've taught in Winchester and Richmond, before returning to Union.  This is my third year teaching preschool.  This is the best age group to teach!  Before education, I worked in a variety of occupations including management, business, marketing, accounting, and social work.  
I am married to my wonderful husband, Clint, and between us we have four grown children and now six grandkids.  When I am not shaping young minds and being a social engineer, I love to paint and create art, cook, travel, read, camp, and play with my grandkids.