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Union School Corporation

Supply List

2019-20 School Supply List


ALL STUDENTS IN GRADES K-6 NEED TENNIS SHOES FOR P.E. They do not need an extra pair to keep at school. 

Pre School

8 glue sticks (not liquid)

1 pk of 8 count crayons

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

1 container of sanitizing wipes (Clorox, Lysol, etc.)

1 box of Kleenex

1 container of handi wipes


Change of clothes in a gallon sized bag with child’s name


40 pencils

1 hard pencil box 8.5"H x 5.5"W x 2.5"D

1 Soft pencil pouch

4 two pocket folders

2 boxes of Crayola ten count classic colors washable markers

4 boxes of Crayola 8 count crayons

1 box of Crayola 12 count colored pencils

1 package Expo dry erase markers

Fiskar scissors

10 glue sticks

four large erasers

Crayola eight count washable watercolors

Four boxes of Kleenex

Two bottles of hand sanitizer

4 containers of disinfecting wipes

Boys: 1 box of Ziplock Gallon Sized bags

Girls: 1 box Ziplock sandwich sized bags

1st Grade

Small plastic school box (5 x 8)

1 pair Fiskar scissors

2 - 2 pocket Folders

1 spiral wide ruled notebook

3 large boxes of Kleenex

1 large container of Clorox Wipes

1 box Ziploc bags (gallon size)

2 boxes Crayola crayons 8-count (primary colors only)

1 box Crayola colored pencils (primary colors only)

1 box Crayola Markers 8-count

50 - #2 pencils (sharpened)

8 glue sticks

1 large Elmer’s Glue

2 Pink Pearl erasers

2 Dry Erase Markers (black)


2nd Grade

2 boxes of Crayola crayons

3 boxes of Kleenex

15 #2 pencils

4 dry erase markers

4 Pink Pearl erasers

1 5x8 school box

1 pair of scissors

6 glue sticks

2 pocket folders

1 box fine tip Crayola markers

1 box fat tip Crayola markers

1 highlighter

1 box colored pencils

1 box zipping bags - small

1 box zipping bags – large

1 water paints

3 spiral notebooks

1 Clorox wipes

3rd/4th Grade

3 boxes of Kleenex

1 hand sanitizer

30 #2 pencils

2 Pink Pearl Erasers

1 ruler (inch & centimeters)

1 box of dry erase markers


White loose leaf notebook paper

1 larger bottle of Elmer’s glue

2 glue sticks

Colored Pencils

6 pocket folders

School box

1 Crayola Markers

1 Composition notebook

2 Clorox Wipes

Headphones/ear buds

5th/6th Grade

6 folders with 3 holes – solid colors only

1 three-ring binder with pocket

4 composition notebooks

40 #2 pencils – no mechanical please

4 Pink Pearl Erasers

Blue ink pens

8 glue sticks

Colored Pencils

2 Clorox Wipes

Letter sized clip-board (optional)


Pencil pouch

1 large bottle of hand sanitizer

3 large boxes of Kleenex

Headphones/ear buds

Boys: 5 pack of highlighters, 2 Magic erasers, 1 box of cap erasers

Girls: 2 pkgs loose leaf paper, 5 Expo markers, 2 pk Magic Erasers