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Ms. Tilton

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All About Mrs. Tilton

Greetings! My name is Sarah Tilton and this is my 5th year at Union Junior/Senior High School.  For the past 4 years I taught Junior High Math and a smattering of other high school courses.  This year is my second year teaching Junior High and High School Labs to help students build up skills in Math and English areas.

About Me

I have over 11 years of experience in the field of education, including, tutoring, substitute teaching, and teaching. I obtained my first Bachelor’s degree in English and Communication Arts from Wilmington College in 2000 and I obtained my second B.A. in Mathematics Education in 2012 through Western Governors University. I am certified in both Language Arts and Mathematics for the middle grades. While I love mathematics, my passion is English and creative writing.

What You Can Expect From Me

I have outlined rules and expectations in the classroom, and I will be reiterating and upholding that policy throughout the school year. I will be fair and helpful with your child, and I expect that your child will participate in his or her learning and do his or her best. I will be available for students and parents to consult, and will strive to create the best possible classroom learning opportunity for your child.


I will be offering tutoring at lunch every day.  Students may do drop in tutoring as needed, or they may be required to attend tutoring if they have failing grades. 

What Exactly Is Junior High Lab? 

 I'm glad you asked!  Junior High Lab is a support class for both English/Language Arts AND Math.  In it, I get to work with small groups of students at their levels to strengthen or lengthen their skills in both areas.  If a student needs to fill in some reading or math skills he or she has missed along the way, this is the perfect time to build on them.  If a student is ahead in their skills for their grade level, they can work to challenge themselves to the next level.  There will be time for students to do silent reading of their choice, work online to strengthen their math and English skills, and challenge their brains with puzzles and games that require planning and problem-solving.  They will be writing stories and editing their work (and other students' work).  I hope the kids start to see LAB class as a class in which they can be comfortable knowing they will be challenged at their own level, work closely with the teacher to strengthen skills, and find multiple ways to be creative and share their thoughts.

What about High School Lab? 

If your student is in High School Lab, they are in either an English Lab or a Math Lab.  We will be looking at their progress, consulting test results and building a somewhat individualized plan for the students to work through to strengthen their skills in that area.  Our hopes are that this will help them become more confident in their skills on the state tests. 

Contact me! 

Please feel free to email me or leave a phone message with the school and I will be happy to speak to you about concerns you may have. I look forward to your input! Thank you and I look forward to working with your child during this time!


Sarah E. Tilton

Our Rules for a Safe and Helpful Classroom

*Keep cell phones put away
*Keep hands, feet, and all objects to self
*Use kind words
*Respect others' property
*Use proper voice level
*Listen and follow directions quickly 

Contact Me:

[email protected]