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Monroe Township Conservation Club - Jack Cronin Scholarship

 In September 1941, the late Jack Cronin was named president of the newly formed Monroe Township Conservation Club - a position he held for many years. Jack believed in continuing education and the wise use of natural resources. 
As a way to remember the leadership and guidance Jack provided to our club and the area surrounding the MTCC, our club has established a scholarship for high school and college students in his honor. This scholarship can be used for books, tuition, lab fees or any cost related to continuing education ­whether it is in a traditional college setting or post-secondary vocational training.
The scholarship is open to ALL students in east central Indiana. The only requirement is that the student cannot have received a Jack Cronin scholarship in the previous year. 
Enclosed you will find a copy of the application form and the requirements for the 500 word (minimum)  essay to accompany the application.  This application can be used for any year, as long as it is postmarked by March 31, 2020. Feel free to make additional copies of this application if you have multiple students interested.
Applicants do not have to be affiliated with MTCC, nor do they have to be a hunter or involved in shooting sports to qualify. All essays are read and ranked by a committee of members of a committee formed for the sole purpose of objectively evaluating the content of the writing of the student.
If you have questions about this scholarship, or if you desire to contact the club about this scholarship, you may go to www.mtcc40acres.com and reach out to an officer or you may contact me directly at [email protected]

Paper Applications can be picked up at the Information Station outside of Mrs. Adams' office.
Application Deadline: March 31, 2021

St. Vincent Randolph Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship

Each year St. Vincent Randolph Hospital Auxiliary provides scholarships to students wishing to further their education the health care related field.  The requirements/criteria of this scholarship are:  interest in a health career, and a B average or upper one third of your class.  You must be a graduate of a Randolph County School.  Selection is also based on scholastic excellence, high school leadership activities, participation in community or church activities, employment history and financial need.  If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please complete the application and submit to the Auxiliary Scholarship Committee by April 1, 2021.
Applications can be found outside Mrs. Adams' office.

Indiana Sheriffs' Association Scholarship Fund

The Indiana Sheriffs' Association Scholarship Fund was established for the purpose of receiving, investing and dispensing of funds to provide college scholarships to qualified students who are committed to pursuing an education and career in the law enforcement field. 
The Indiana Sheriffs' Association Scholarship Committee consists of the following members: (2) two sheriffs and (1) one deputy sheriff plus (1) one college or university administrator from each of the four areas of the state. Each member shall be appointed for the term of one year to serve at the pleasure of the president. The committee shall recommend the amount and number of scholarships to be awarded annually. The president of the Indiana Sheriffs' Association shall serve as chairman of the committee and the executive director of the association shall serve as the secretary by virtue of their respective positions. The members of the Indiana Sheriffs' Association Scholarship Committee shall serve as a screening committee in their respective area of the state and the said screening committee shall determine the scholarship recipients from that area. 
The state of Indiana shall be divided into four separate areas for the purpose of selecting members of the committee and recipients of the scholarships. 
The said scholarship fund was established for the benefit of the members of the association and other qualified individuals. The general qualifications for applicants are: to be an active affiliate or associate member of the Indiana Sheriffs' Association or a dependent child or grandchild of an active affiliate or associate member of the association, be an Indiana resident, attend an Indiana College or University, major in a law enforcement field and enroll as a full-time student (12 hours). 
A person who has received a scholarship in a prior year may apply for a renewal of the scholarship for only three successive years. The Indiana Sheriffs' Association Scholarship Committee shall determine the regulations and information required to qualify. 
Notification of the available scholarship shall be made by printing such notice in THE INDIANA SHERIFF, an official Indiana Sheriffs' Association publication; through each sheriff's office by news release and by mail and/or electronic mail to each high school, college and university in the state. Applications shall also be available from any sheriff's office, the association office, or in the high school office.
For more information, call the Indiana Sheriffs' Association at 1-800-622-4779 or visit www.indianasheriffs.org Paper Applications can be picked up outside Mrs. Adams' office at the information station.
 Deadline: April 1, 2021

James Moorman Scholarship

Qualifications of the Applicants:

*May be male or female

*Must be a resident of Randolph County, In.

*Is a graduate or graduating senior of a Randolph County High School

*Has attended a Randolph County High School both Junior and Senior years

*Is recommended by the Guidance Director or the Principal of the school attended.

*Citizenship, moral character, and need are important qualifications

*Application has been made and accepted at a trade school, technical school, business school, college or university

*The application form has been filled out and submitted

* A transcript or credits is required with a signed release

The Scholarships

The awards are usually from $500 to $1,000.  They are sent to the school named on the application form and applied directly to the cost of tuition and/or other fees.  Special grants may be awarded at the discretion of the Board.

Duration of an Award

Each scholarship award is to be used in the following one year period


Available outside of Mrs. Adams’ office

Due Date

All Applications must mailed to the address on the application so it arrives by April 15, 2021.

Find More Scholarships

High Five Scholarships:     New website with the largest collection of scholarships ever assembled.  Go to http://www.highfivescholarships.com/.
Fastweb Scholarship Search:   Create a profile on the website below and you will be matched with scholarships that best fit your need.

Steins Scholarship




1.         All applications must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee through the applicant's high school.

2.         The applicant must complete the prescribed application form and provide such other relevant information as the Scholarship Committee may request. All information will be treated in a confidential manner.

3.         The completed application form and all attachments should be given to the Guidance Counselor or other designee of the high school. 

4.         Each high school will screen its applicants and submit to the Scholarship Committee a list of those who should be seriously considered for a scholarship.

5.                  No member of the family of a director, officer or employee of the Trustee (U. S. Bank) or of the Scholarship Committee shall be eligible for the scholarship. The term "member of the family" shall mean the spouse, child, grandchild or other descendant or the spouse of a  child, grandchild or other descendant of such director, officer or employee.









A.        The applicant must desire to continue his or her education.

B.        The applicant will be selected without regard to race, religion, sex, age or creed, and on the basis of:

                       i.     Financial need;

                      ii.     Academic achievement;

                     iii.     Attitude toward schoolwork;

                     iv.     Initiative;

                      v.     Incentive;

                     vi.     Worthiness;

                    vii.     Willingness;

                   viii.     Citizenship; and

                     ix.     Cooperation.


            However, the greatest emphasis will be placed on the applicant's financial need.

C.        There are no restrictions as to the type of advanced training selected.  The applicant may attend an accredited college or university or an accredited trade or technical school.  The type of training desired should be such as to equip the applicant to earn a living and to make a contribution to the community in which he or she lives.

D.        It is anticipated that the applicant is capable of meeting and maintaining the scholastic requirements of the school selected.

E.         The applicant’s financial need is important. However, it is also anticipated that the applicant will fund part of his or her own expenses.

F.         The Robert F. Stiens and Glenda M. Stiens Scholarship can be applied toward tuition, class fees, and books.  Payments are normally made directly to the school or institution where the student is enrolled.

G.        Once a scholarship has been awarded to an applicant, the scholarship may be removed if the Trustee determines, in its sole discretion, that the applicant no longer meets the criteria set out in paragraph (B) above.  Scholarships are not extended for graduate work.

IU Bloomington Bicentennial Scholarship

Bicentennial Scholarship for $2,500/yr

*Must reside in Randolph (or any of the eligible counties) to receive the scholarship
*No application for the Bicentennial Scholarship; its automatically awarded to admitted students
*No application deadline
*No limit on the number of scholarships awarded

WiseGeek LGBTQ+ Awareness Scholarship

Students who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community
Application Deadline
July 1, 2021

The Sallie Mae Fund's Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program

Who is Eligible?
The Bridging the Dream Scholarhships are available to minority students and those from marginalized or underserved communities, including Black, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, low-income, first generation, and students from rural communities, among others.  Applicants must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents and Pell Grant-eligible.

Application Deadline: March 8, 2021