Union School Corporation

4th Grade - Renee Sexton

Virtual Day information
1.Go to the Union web page--usc.k12.in.us
2.Click on the schools tab
3.Select Indiana Digital Learning School (INDLS).
4.Click OLS Login,  the blue box in the top right corner.
5.Enter user name and password.
6.Go to classes and select my class.
7.Select the Content Tab at the top of the page and select Virtual Day on the left and work through each section.
8.Put your scores in the Microsoft forms found in each assignment.

You will find links and password hints on the INDLS site if needed.

If you have any questions please email or text me. Thank you!!


OLS login usc first initial last name (example: uscrsexton) and the password should be usc0+lunchpin (example: usc01234)

Remember if you have family in the school with the same first initial you may need to add the second letter of your first name.



Thank you so much for checking in to see what we’ve been up to! 


Please remember to go over their homework packet each night and initial each page, study their spelling/vocabulary words by practicing the spelling and using the word in a sentence, and complete their 20 minute nightly reading.  If they begin to come home with more than their homework packet each night it is because they are using their time during centers to complete their work.



Students will be working individually, in small groups, and in large group activities to better develop the math skills needed to continually improve and grow as mathematicians. Each week we will have a fact packet which will help students improve their fact fluency while reviewing multiple math concepts.  


Students will be working individually and in small and large groups, and using/games activities to better develop the our reading, writing, and  comprehension skills.  We are reviewing and learning about text structure, text features, rules for capitalization and punctuation, and lots and lots of writing.


Layers of the Earth, continents, oceans, and next we will be focusing on weather and climate and the water cycle and its effect on rocks and soil.

Social Studies

Our focus is on Indiana History. We will be moving into the Civil War and the World Wars.