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Ms. Atkins

Ms. Atkins

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About me

I’m Ms. Atkins and I’ll be teaching Chemistry, ICP, biology, Dual Credit Chemistry, and Anatomy/Physiology. I’m from Gas City, and I attended Mississinewa Community Schools. I worked with Mississinewa as an assistant coach to the high school Science Olympiad team, which is a group of students that meet to prepare for and attend competitions with events in the areas of life science, physical science and engineering.

I attended Ball State University, and graduated with my BS in chemistry in the summer of 2009. I then continued my education at Ball State and received my MA in chemistry in 2011 while doing research about hydrogen fuel sources. While doing my research, I also worked as a graduate assistant and taught several different chemistry labs.

I started teaching at Ivy Tech Community College (east central region) in January, 2012, where I taught introductory chemistry and physical science (including physics, chemistry, Earth science and astronomy) until May of 2013.  THis year I will also be teaching CHEM 101 at Richmon Ivy Tech.

 In February of 2013, I began teaching at Hoosier Academies in Indianapolis as part of their blended/online program until May of 2017.  While there, I taught Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, ICP, Astronomy, Forensic Science, and AP Chemistry.  I also ran the school drama program for three years, including the production of both our fall plays and spring musicals.  

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is through email: [email protected]

Classroom Rules:

1. No food or drinks, except water in a closed bottle.  On lab days, there should be no open food or drinks AT ALL in the room!
2.  Cell phones are not to be used during class time, except with permisson.
3.  Closed toe shoes are to be worn during labs
4. Any jewelry should be removed before a lab procedure. Hair should be ties back when possible.
5. Saefty goggles must be worn during appropriate labs
6. Use gloves or other afety equipment when instructed.
7. Do not eat, drink, apply cosmetics, or handle contact lenses during labs.
8. Do not play, joke, or run in the lab.
9. Never remove any chemical substances from the lab.
10. Report any spills or glassware breaks
11. Dispose of waste as instructed