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Mr. Widmer

Virtual Day Assignments- November 15th, 2018

Hey folks! Hope you enjoy your icy day off!
JH and High School Band:
It's a shortened version of a full program called The Breathing Gym. It's designed to help wind musicians increase their lung capacity.
Once you've watched the video, please answer these questions in a Word document and email them to me at [email protected].
Please make sure your answers are in complete sentences.
1. Why do you suppose the two guys' manner is so goofy in this program?
2. What's your favorite of the exercises given? Why?
3. In order to get a good sound on a wind instrument, a player must not have any tension in her upper body . Which of the exercises help prevent tension from forming?
4. Why is "The Dragon" exercise named after a dragon?
5. Which mouth shape do they use the most (ee, oh, ah, oo)? 
And that's it!  

January 31st Virtual Day: Hope you're staying warm!

1st and 3rd Period Virtual Day Assignment:
Write a short paragraph telling me what Pep Band songs YOU would like to play. Anything is up for this: songs the band has played in the past, songs we could add, etc. Use complete sentences, and make sure to follow paragraph form (topic sentence, body sentences, conclusion).  
Please remember that we have a Pep Band performance scheduled for Saturday, February 2nd! Report time is 11:30 AM.  

Virtual Day, February 11th

Good morning! Here is the assignment for today:
Usually, I send you a video to watch. Today, though, I'd like you to send me one.
Look up the definition of the word "virtuoso," first.  
Once you've learned this word, please find a video of a virtuoso playing your instrument that you enjoy. Don't just send me the first one you find- find a video of music that you enjoy!
Write a paragraph about why you chose this video and make sure to include the following information:
The virtuoso's name (and instrument).
The name of the piece she or he is playing.
Why you enjoyed it- is it a neat piece? What did you like about it? Did she perform it well, in your opinion? Why?
Please be sure to include the link to the video in your response.
Thanks, guys. See you tomorrow!
Mr. Widmer 

Virtual Day, February 18th

Tone Quality Writing Assignment
Check out this website: https://wcsband.weebly.com/tone-quality-models.html
It is a collection of videos of virtuosi demonstrating excellent tone quality on their instrument. Watch each video, and answer these questions in complete sentences. Question 3 may require you to Google "tone quality tips for  ......" (...= your instrument).
1. How would you define good tone quality on your own instrument?
2. Why is it important for a musician to be able to play with good tone quality?
3. What can you do to improve your own tone quality? 
This assignment is due on February 28. 

Virtual Day, February 20

 Hey folks. Once again, bad roads, virtual day, yadda yadda- you know the drill. :)
Check out this (kind of silly) video: https://youtu.be/OeBG0QIRNtY
It features a really skilled violinist, Rob Landes,  playing a series of music clips from video games throughout the years. I'd like you to watch and answer a few questions (in complete sentences, please).
1. What's your favorite clip, and why? Give me details- maybe you like the actual music, maybe you played the video game at some point, whatever.
2. Do you notice any trends in video game music over the set? Is 80s videogame music any different then the 90s, 00s, or 10s?
3. What's your LEAST favorite clip and why? 
4. Is there any video game music you feel like he should have included? 
5. What's your favorite costume he came up with? :)
Enjoy your day! This one is due on February 27th.
Mr. Widmer 

Virtual Day (Again), 2/1/19

Here we go again! This assignment is for February 1, 2019. First and Third period bands need to complete it. 
Watch this video: https://youtu.be/rhzUjilEBsM
This is the George Mason University pep band, rehearsing for their 2011 NCAA Tournament appearance. They're performing Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name Of...".
This pep band is known worldwide for this video. It went viral in 2012, and the song has become very popular for pep bands to play across the US because of it. Yes, it's a great song, but this video really pushed it into the limelight.
Write responses for these questions in complete sentences, please.
1. Why do you suppose this video was so popular?
2. Do you think our pep band could pull something like this off? Why or why not?
3. What songs could we do that would inspire us to perform like this? Give me a couple of examples, and describe why you chose those songs in particular. 
Please remember that we have a game tomorrow!!! Be in the Band Room at 11:30 AM. We're playing against Wapahani. If you need a ride, please email me at [email protected]
Enjoy the third day of your five-day weekend!
Mr. Widmer