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Bill Wicker, Union Elementary School

JH Mathematics Teacher
Send email to [email protected]
 Phone: 765-853-5481
Fax: 765-853-5721
8707 W US HWY 36
                                                    Modoc, IN 47358
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Classroom Rules

Respect yourself, the teacher, and other students.  Put forth your best effort at all times.  Be prepared for class each day.  Pay attention, follow directions, and participate in class.  Preserve a positive learning enviornment and take responsibility for your actions.  No cell phones, food, or drinks unless otherwise stated by the teacher.  The teacher will dismiss you, not the bell.  Failure to comply with the rules in the classroom may result in parent contact and/or a disciplinary referral.


Hello Everyone!

I am delighted to be teaching mathematics at Union School Corporation! This is my fourth year as a certified teacher at Union. I attended the WGU Teacher's college and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education (K-8). 

I have an amazing family of four and we reside in Hartford City, Indiana. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Amy. We have two wonderful children. Chloe is 14 and Reed is 11. We are all very proud to be a part of the Rocket family! 

My interests include wrestling, Taekwondo, basketball, history, health, fitness, and the Dallas Cowboys.  

Virtual Day

Virtual Day Assignments 

Virtual Day 9/4/2020


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