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Union Elementary Announcements

Good Morning! This is ______________ and ______________.

It is March 16, 2020

Please stand for the pledge of allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands_, one Nation under God_, indivisible_, with liberty and justice for all.

Please remain standing for a moment of silence.

Running Rockets until 4 pm on Mondays.

Robotics club until 4:30 pm on Tuesdays.

Ropin’ Rockets until 4 pm on Wednesdays.

Wrestling Rockets until 4 pm on Thursdays.

Congratulations to the March student of the months:

KG: Adyson Pritchard

1: Jeremiah Tracy

2: Krystina Noble

3: Sam Reece

4: Aubrey Pritchard

5: Melissa Schmucker

6: Emma Holderman


Isabella Johnson

Lunch Menu


It is a great day to be a rocket.


Please get ready for our 7 habits pledge.

Today I will be proactive, it all starts with me


Begin with the end in mind, have a plan, that’s how I want to be.


Put first things first, whork before play, that’s the Rocket way.

Think win-win stop, collaborate, and listen first then speak, communication is the key.


Synergize – together is better, that’s a guarantee.


Sharpen the saw renew- refresh, to keep your mind right.


I will do these habits with all my might!