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Today is Tuesday May 23, 2023

Please Stand For The Pledge!
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Good morning Rockets!!  Just an FYI so that EVERYONE is informed in advance of the requirements to attend the next 9-week party:
1.    Nine Week Party Requirements:
a.    No more than 5 absences total (Excused or unexcused) in Homeroom.  
b.    No more than ONE actionable referral to the office resulting in some sort of detention.
c.    Teacher discretion based on effort, growth, and attitude.
d.    90% or better on SSR sentences.

Students are not allowed to stay after school unless they are actively participating on an athletic team.   Friends nor siblings are allowed to stay after school with a student-athlete for their practices or games.

Just a reminder that Learning Lunch is being held in Mrs. Tilton's classroom, room 211, during lunch. This is an opportunity to get assistance for classwork you do not understand or may have fallen behind in. She and Miss Phenis will be available to help you. Just grab your lunch and go to her room. Our goal this is year is that no student receives a grade less than a C-, so if you need help, then be proactive about your grades and attend Learning Lunch. There will be incentives for academic progress and initiative coming soon.