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Today is Monday May 23, 2022

Please Stand For The Pledge!
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Birthdays Today: Madison Oliver


Union will now require students to leave their cell phones at the door as they enter each classroom.  Each room will have a “cell phone holder” hanging as students enter the room.  Students will need to put their phones in this holder.  


   This is a reminder that Jr./Sr. High students should not be in the Elementary school for any reason unless you are an aide in Elementary or you are observing as part of the Education Professions course.  Otherwise, students in the Elementary without permission from the High School office may be counted as truant. 

It is important that you are in classrooms before the tardy bell rings. We are keeping track of tardies and will begin imposing consequences to those that are habitually late to class. There is no excuse to be continuously tardy. You have plenty of time during the passing period. 

This is a reminder that students in the hallways during class time will need to have a signed passbook. If they do not, they may be sent back to the classroom.

Per the student handbook hats and head coverings are not allowed in the building from 7:40 – 3:15.  Hats are not to be worn in the building at the end of the school day when heading out to the buses.  


American Classics
Seasoned Beef Taco Meat
Tortilla Chips
Queso Blanco Cheese Sauce
Mexican Style Refried Beans
Baked Tortilla Chip Scoops
Classic Pepperoni Pizza
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Classic American Cheeseburger
Curly Fries