Union School Corporation

Mrs. Marlow

It's a Great Day to be a Rocket.... in Social Studies!

If we have never had the pleasure of meeting, let me introduce myself. I am Jama Marlow, a proud Rocket through and through. My husband, as well as, two children and I are graduates of Union School Corporation. I was then blessed to become a member of the faculty after graduating from Ball State University where I have earned both a BS and an MA in Education. I am also licensed to teach Special Education – Learning Disabilities K-12.


In addition to my professional life, I am the VERY proud grandmother of eight grandchildren, six of whom belong to my daughter and son-in-law and two to my son and daughter-in-law. I have three grandsons and five granddaughters ranging in age from seventeen to three. I also have a menagerie of animals.





I love our country very much and will always be the first to pledge my alligiance. As a military mom, the social studies curriculum is even more exciting to teach as I have the privilege to talk about this great nation!
                                              Thank you for your trust in me to spend each week with your child. It is an honor! 

I                                                  Contact Info: [email protected] 

                                                                                     Once a ROCKET, always a ROCKET!

Periods 1 and 6 Government Virtual Day

You will find your assignemtn on Khan Academy. Here is the class code if you need it: 

CM4QWCNS   Email if you have any questions.

Period 2 Psychology Virtual Day

Here is the link to your assignment: 
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Periods 3 and 7 US History Virtual Day

You have been assign work on Khan Academy. This is your access code: AJZTPZMW if you need it. Email if you have any questions.

Period 5 APUSH Virtual Day

You have Khan Academy assignments ready for completion. Email if you have any questions.