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Welcome to Miss Proctor's Kindergarten Class!
About Me
Miss Proctor grew up in Muncie IN and attended Muncie Central High School. While she was there she was a four year varsity letter swimmer, a member of the spirt band and symphony band, student council member and German club member.  In the summer she worked at Catalina Swim Club as a lifeguard, swim coach and swim lesson instructor for nine years.  Miss Proctor attended Holy Cross College at Notre Dame and Taylor University. In her free time Miss Proctor enjoys spending time with her family and beagle Gus. She is also an avid sport fan. She enjoys wathcing Indycar, Colts, Pacers, Notre Dame sports and USA Swimming.
Contact Information
email: sproctor@usc.k12.in.us
Remind app:  class code @7g7d79
assignment note books 
Miss Proctor's Class Rules
 Class Rules
1. Listen when someone is talking
2. Follow directions quickly and quietly
3. Raise your hand to speak
4. Respect others
     Respect yourself
     Respect your school
 5.Be safe
    Be honset
6. Make your teachers happy 
Virtual Day Wednesday February 20
Please complete the following lessons on IXL Language Arts U.1, U.2, U.3 
Then work on Reading eggs for 15 minutes.
 Please completet the following lesson on IXL Math  T.2, L.2, L.3
Social Studies
Watch this video on how to draw Abraham Lincoln. Then write a sentence about him. Make sure to include the drawing of him.
Virtual Day Monday, February 18
Due Monday, February 25
Watch these videos. 
Then complete the IXL Language Arts Lessons CC.1, DD.1 and FF.1 
Log on to reading eggs and work for 10minutes
Watch these videos.
Then complete the following IXL Math  T.4,  E.4, E.7
Social Studies
Watch this video on how to draw George Washington then write one sentence about him. 
Virtual Day, Monday February 12
 Due Tuesday, February 19
Watch these two video on consonant blends. 
Then complete these lessons on IXL Language Arts Consonant blends I.1, I.2 & 1.3
Watch this video on subtraction and complete this lesson on IXL Math L.1 
Watch this video on money and complete this lesson on IXL Math  T.1 
Watch this video on direction words then complete this lesson on IXL Math M.4
8707 W US Hwy 36
Modoc, Indiana 47358
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