Union School Corporation

Ms. Moore

Ms. Moore


Loose-Leaf Filler Paper-PLEASE NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS.  Spiral notebooks are too bulky for the three-ring binder, plus students will need to tear off the spiral edge. 

2” 3-Ring Binder-Math is the only subject for this binder.  Students will organize their notes, assignments, quizzes, and other work completed during the year into this binder.  This is the students’ resource for completing assignments and studying for tests.  

Dividers (5-Tabs)-Plain Classic Dividers. . .no pocket please.  Dividers will be used to separate notes, assignments, and other work completed throughout the year.

2-Pocket folder-This will be used to hold current work in to keep from losing it.   

Pencils-help to keep student’s work legible, neat, and organized

Highlighters-Students will use highlighters during the lesson to highlight important information.  Students will also need highlighters for their assignments and tests. 

Scientific Calculator-Students will use a scientific calculator regularly for assignments, quizzes, and tests.    

1 Bottle Hand Sanitizer

2 boxes of Tissues

1 container Disinfecting Wipes