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Ms. Pickett

Lynn Pickett

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Contact Information:
Phone: 765.853.5464, leave message in the office
Bio: This year I begins my 4th year at Union, my 21st year as a teacher following a business career of 25+ years. I  am certified to teach English, journalism and speech. Currently, I teach English 10, English 11, English 12 and Yearbook/Rocket Daily News.
Classroom Rules:
   My classroom rules are extremely simple: SHOW UP; BE NICE; DO YOUR WORK
   These three little phrases with a total of seven words are the essence of what is expected from workers in the business world as well as students in the classroom.  Nearly all infractions against the rules in the Student Handbook have their roots in these three simple, little rules.

Virtual Day Lesson - Wed. Feb. 20, 2019

Periods 1, 2, 5 and 6
~Do the Word Search using pencil and paper and turn into the basket on Thu. Feb. 21
~Periods 1 and 6, Vocabtest.com, Unit 8
~Period 2 -  Vocabtest.com, Unit 2
~Period 5 - Vocabtest.com, Unit 11
Period 4
Finish reading Act V of Hamlet and write 2 questions each for Act IV and Act V 
 Period 7
- Create a list of 5 stories for the blog; be ready to interview to get details so that the stories can be posted on Thu. Feb. 21 
- Hand in your list ON PAPER into the basket.