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Employment Opportunities
Bus Driver and Subs
Please contact our Transportation Coordinator, Kimberly Ring, at 765-853-5481.
Substitute Teachers 
Special Education Aide position
If interested contact Ryan Chiddister at rchiddister@usc.k12.in.us 

Job Description:

A. Support and maintain classroom policies; monitor students; direct activities for individuals or small 
groups of students to reinforce instruction as directed by the teacher; 

B. Assist in the distribution and collection of materials, and in the administration and scoring of a variety 
of assignments and tests; 

C. Assist in the implementation of the IEP as directed; 

D. Perform routine clerical duties; operate equipment including computers and copy machines; 

E. Assist students by providing proper examples, emotional support, a friendly, patient attitude and 
general guidance; 

F. Confer with teachers as needed concerning programs and materials to meet student needs.

Job Requirement:

High School Diploma or equivalent.


Mathematics Teacher

If interested contact Ryan Chiddister at rchiddister@usc.k12.in.us 

Applicants should be licensed in mathematics or currently in a program that would allow them to be able to teach in the mathematics field.

Job Description:

Instructional learning environments include:

A. Holds and articulates high expectations for student learning, achievement and behavior.

B. Delivers instruction that matches learning needs of all students. 

C. Provides effective classroom management that includes teaching routines and procedures to maintain 

     a safe and orderly learning environment.

D. Creates active learning environments and collaboratively designs settings that foster an enriching, 

     nurturing, and safe climate where diversity and academic risk taking are valued.

E. Engages students in the process of data driven decision making 

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8707 US HYW 36
Modoc, IN 47358
8707 W US Hwy 36
Modoc, Indiana 47358
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